Our objectives

Strengthen joint actions Report rights and threat violations Develop contextual analysis Promote global solidarity Support the development of an ecological spiritualit


We are part of the Latin American ecumenical movement


We promote studies and analysis for collective capacity bildung


We support local solidarity actions

About this initiative

Coordinated by KOINONIA and CREAS, which aims to strengthen ecumenical and interreligious initiatives for human dignity in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru, promoting shared analyzes and joint actions

The declaration "We are the Amazon" gathered over 130 churches and faith-based organisations around the world in solidarity to the Amazon Synod


Promote global solidarity with the challenges faced by the Amazonian peoples, calling Churches and Sister Organizations in the global south and north to prayer and action

Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue for the Amazon


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Letter of Mocoa, final document of IX Fospa

We share Mocoa’s letter, a document that gathers the reflections and bets for the defense and care of the Amazon that we have been weaving, sucking and building collectively with communities, peoples, social processes and organizations of the 9 countries of the Amazon Basin, in this collective walk from Tarapoto in the year 2017 until…

End plenary of IX Pan-Amazon Social Forum

The IX Pan-Amazon Social Forum happened from 12th-15th November, gathering 1.300 participants from around the world. Watch here the end plenary, available in Amazon Watch YouTube channel: Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFnUZXLuQBQ

An Appeal for the Amazon in times of pandemic

By Germán Vargas Farías and Jorge Arboccó Paz y Esperanza. The evangelical community in Peru is diverse, as almost everything in the country, and full of contrasts. The diversity can be seen in its practices, rituals and in the emphasis of its messages. There is not one single way of being evangelic, it would be…

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